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11 beautiful Quotes of life - Wisdom, Philosophy and Inspirational

January 24, 2022 1
11 Quotes of life Here are some quotes of life by our users. we at The Night Tale believe that everyone is a philosopher because you have sp...

Two old hands

May 04, 2021 0
Two old hands Two old hands grabbing the wrist Of the time to stay slow, Without the death’s thirst It lets life go. The hands covered with ...

Peace, poetry, and life

May 02, 2021 1
Peace, poetry, and life I’m not sure if I call it a desire, Its some feeling which I’ve fancied forever, But I clean forget it until it show...

How to be Happy?

April 23, 2021 2
How to be happy? Don’t imagine your glory, Don’t run for your fame. Don’t keep telling a story, Of your prestige and your name. Learn to be ...


April 06, 2021 3
Warrior. Be wise, be good. Be humble as the grass, Which holds everything bowing, And at last, raises its head like a Warrior. Be confident ...

A Father’s Letter

April 03, 2021 8
A Father’s Letter . You might think that Children depend on their parents for almost everything, but parents depend too. If a parent says ‘Y...
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