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Dear Death!

October 01, 2021 1
Dear Death! I crave for you every day My soul tries to escape My heart has depths Darker than the grave Not a good time to leave, It hurts, ...


May 23, 2021 0
Separation After all these years of separation, And after all the arrows I took. You made me love you again in oppression Of your serene and...


May 21, 2021 0
Cry Get me a clown that I can hold tight and cry, As this clown is the silent friend I have always longed for. Aren’t those the same people ...


May 15, 2021 3
Life I wanna fly, but my wings are broken Weight of my thoughts tie me down. There is no way to hide, and no escape. There is a mountain, I ...

Two old hands

May 04, 2021 0
Two old hands Two old hands grabbing the wrist Of the time to stay slow, Without the death’s thirst It lets life go. The hands covered with ...

Peace, poetry, and life

May 02, 2021 1
Peace, poetry, and life I’m not sure if I call it a desire, Its some feeling which I’ve fancied forever, But I clean forget it until it show...

Torrential rain

May 01, 2021 2
Torrential rain Torrential rain, oh! I love to walk, No need here to hurry along, The drop is too furious to touch the ground, I am lost in ...
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