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February 09, 2022 0
Serene Every day, after the Ish’aa Prayer (Prayer after sunset), Ibrahim and his three friends would meet at the treehouse they had built at...


May 07, 2021 0
Totem I was born and raised in a small village of Pacrlnon in France. Back in my time, it was isolated from rest of the country and was surr...


April 21, 2021 1
Unhinged "Wait where am I and why is it so dark", I reached out to my pocket and pulled out my phone. I turned on the flashlight a...

Golden Hay

April 03, 2021 4
Golden Hay ‘The king and his men . Gone to the den. with a map and a pen . to find the golden hen...’ In the land of prosperity, lived the k...

A Father’s Letter

April 03, 2021 8
A Father’s Letter . You might think that Children depend on their parents for almost everything, but parents depend too. If a parent says ‘Y...

Hundred percent Love

April 02, 2021 16
Hundred Percent Love. “Why do people exchange roses with the one they love?” She asked me when I was thirteen and she was twelve. “Because r...

The Land of Wise Men

April 02, 2021 6
The Land of Wise Men . This world was small when I was a kid but became much smaller as I grew older. At first, my world was all about peopl...
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